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Catonsville FastPitch Softball

"Effort, Attitude, Focus"

CHAOS Values:

MISSION: Catonsville Softball is an organization dedicated to teaching girls of all ages the skills necessary to improve their overall game with the goal of preparing the individual to perform at the highest levels of competition. 

PHILOSOPHY: Our philosophy is that it is truly possible to learn the game, be competitive at the highest levels and still have FUN! 

WHAT WE ARE….Teachers:  An experienced group of coaches, dedicated to teaching the game the right way – the first and every time.

Apolitical: Our philosophy is that every player is treated with respect and fairness. No one player is more important than any other to our staff. This isn’t “daddyball” it is softball. 

Builders: The program is grounded in its belief that it is our responsibility to build the person, not just a player. Character, honesty, teamwork, and selflessness – all beliefs and part of the teachings of the staff.


Politicians: Our goal and mission is to teach social fundamentals and strong moral character. We will not succumb to pettiness and all that comes with it.

Mercenaries:  Our program is committed to our players. It is not in the business of perpetually shopping for the “next great thing” and then informing loyal families we no longer have a place for them in our program. That is our commitment to each player. In return we ask for similar commitment from our players and families. The only way we can teach is if the player is willing to commit to us and our philosophy. If the player/family are looking to shop programs for “greener pastures” we’d prefer they not join us at all.

Softballaholics: There is life outside of softball. Family, school, religion – all take precedence. While we do ask for a certain level of commitment, our players are allowed to (and encouraged to) play other sports and become well rounded athletes, students, and members of the community.